Saturday, 2 May 2009


So, things upon things. This post will possibly be massive, or if I get really lazy it will just be lots of little posts.

It's lots of sketchbook stuff that I've never really done anything with. I do some kind of sketching every day. Sometimes stuff works out well, sometimes it doesn't. Obviously this is going to be the good bits.

Most of my stuff for the teeny books is done in the wee hours because of my habit of only getting about four hours a night. It also tends to cater to my recent addiction to gumstrip and brown paper.

My hatred of white paper in any of what I do really is a killer. I even bought expensive handmade paper just to stick down and kill the expanses of white I am completely incapable of working with unless it's some kind of hyper-clean font stuff that I never really do.



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