Thursday, 27 August 2009

Five minute scrapwood bird

So named because it took five minutes on a scrap of hardboard. Just ink and white acrylic on hardboard.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bears and bears and bears oh my!

My ursine obsession seems unlikely to dwindle at any point in the future. I must say, though, that the terror created by your mother being in hospital with something potentially really quite nasty going on keeps you awake and leaves you with a hell of a lot of free time to paint and stuff. Also the going a bit mental from it bit leads to media experimentation. The next one is ink on hardboard. Unfortunately I don't have a saw right now, and scalpels, no matter the vigour with which they are used, do not cut it very effectively at all.

Basically, expect more bears. I may get a bear tattoo

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's been too long.

I have been very busy (mainly procrastinating) so haven't put anything up on here in ages. Lazy, lazy me. I'm taking advantage of my last little while where I don't HAVE to work.

I did this a while back. It was mainly to play with a wash technique I saw somewhere, I like it.

The scan is crappy, because it's in a teeny little book all made of envelopes that I bound REALLY BADLY. Shockingly badly. I have to tie the buggering thing together to stop it from laying half open all the time. I'll get it right eventually. Possibly.