Sunday, 21 June 2009

I maka de plush!

I made a plushie. His name is Stig and he's a nervous fella. He's scared of buttercups, heights, the dark, and many other things.

Soon he shall have friends, as all people need friends.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Display space finished

So yeah, that's pretty much what it looks like now. Framed images, all arranged according to the rules I had no idea existed until I went to arrange these. The shelf in the corner is for the three best versions of my book, along with the sketchbooks.

I particularly like the way this stencil looks framed. So secksy.

Also the book images in the frames were edited for a bit more punch. Granted this isn't the exact one that's in the frame, cos I can't find it.

I remember the red being punchier, but hey.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


My FMP gallery display is verging on ace-ness.
Near-sexual ace-ness in fact.

This shows nothing at all, but it does show the wallpaper I'm using. By Andy Magee, don'tcha know. And if you don't know who that is, nor do I. He designed this though.

It looks genuinely fantastic in the 12x4x8 foot space I'm using, mainly thanks to Adrienne, who can actually hang wallpaper, unlike me, who am a DIY retard, hyuk.

The bits inside the frames of the 'window' in the photo are going to have some kind of colour, as there will be coloured segments 'growing' from the backs of the photo frames displaying the other work. Then of course, there is the bookshelf with my books on, so all the rest is kind of sexy wrapping paper.

I just poured water down my chin. 'And that's when I developed my drinking problem' hehe.

I feel really optimistic instead of panicked now, which is a big plus as I have to get this finished tomorrow, as it will be marked on Mundeh.

The drastic lack of finished-ness notwithstanding, the whole thing looks ace. Imagine a bookshelf at the height of the bottom of the 'window' with two big fat sketchbooks and three hardback bound illustration books on it, pretend that chair is not there, fill colours in to the window frame, and add picture frames running in a sort of diagonal from the bottom left of this photo up past the window and finishing on the wall above the shelf, all with coloured parts of the wallpaper behind them.



Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Old Things

Some stuff from earlier in my FMP

Feels so long ago!

Sedna's Myth

Ducks in the Back Yard illustration

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Brian Blessed, for there is no man louder or more manly than he.


Well that's my cheese quota fulfilled for the night

Monday, 1 June 2009

Note to self, help for other folks

Never, ever, no matter how tired you are, leave dust from sanding emulsion paint in your hair overnight. Wash it off the same day it goes in your hair, even if you do it slumped at the bottom of the shower.

My hair essentially became wallpaper pasted with a mix of powder, water and shampoo.

College bitch about health and safety ALL THE TIME and then they have us sanding and painting in a non-ventilated area. NOICE.

The book, she am done!

As the title says!

I am actually vair vair happy (not sure why I'm substituting a word for squirrel fur for 'very', but hey, that be the language of the english, jah?)

I hated them at first. I must have done about nine books altogether, in various incarnations. I have whittled it down to two. Neither are exactly what I wanted, but both are not bad by any means.

I am very aware of the level of crappiness in these photos, but they were quick snaps I took on sunday, believing the project due today, despite the fact that NEXT MONDAY is the 8th. Tired me = dense me.

Both books are not in the parcel paper as I originally intended, due to the need for that to be paper laminate for sturdiness, and so being inflexible. But 'land ahoy!' could be called from the mast of the ship I... sailed to the Metrocentre in... when I saw the paper mill. Sexy rough brown paper ensued.
So, the two books that I forced people to select for me are:

1) A big book, fabric bound, sort of japanese bound spine, harcover, hard spine
2) A teeny book (due to the printing restrictions of wanting to do a saddle stitch bind thingy) that's bound in midnight blue banana paper. I think that's my favourite. Because it's so small the spine is made of a flexible paper. Also the inside is bound more strongly, with a strip of fabric attaching the pages to the hardcover. I only realised this method when I was doing the last, teeny tiny book, as I had to learn off teh intarwebz, and the tutorial thingy was not too clear. I'll know in future. Might set myself a book based holiday project.

Hopefully two sketchbooks packed out with work will be enough for FMP. I'll check it aaaaht with tutors, see if there's any junk missing from it. God I wish this wasn't my first year of doing this, then I would know how much analysis and stuff to do.

I'll post up some mini-sketchbook stuff when I get round to scanneralising.

Oh, and in case anyone reads this (hello new person!) and thinks that I am in some way illiterate or dense, I am not, I just choose to fuck with teh Engerlish.