Thursday, 4 June 2009


My FMP gallery display is verging on ace-ness.
Near-sexual ace-ness in fact.

This shows nothing at all, but it does show the wallpaper I'm using. By Andy Magee, don'tcha know. And if you don't know who that is, nor do I. He designed this though.

It looks genuinely fantastic in the 12x4x8 foot space I'm using, mainly thanks to Adrienne, who can actually hang wallpaper, unlike me, who am a DIY retard, hyuk.

The bits inside the frames of the 'window' in the photo are going to have some kind of colour, as there will be coloured segments 'growing' from the backs of the photo frames displaying the other work. Then of course, there is the bookshelf with my books on, so all the rest is kind of sexy wrapping paper.

I just poured water down my chin. 'And that's when I developed my drinking problem' hehe.

I feel really optimistic instead of panicked now, which is a big plus as I have to get this finished tomorrow, as it will be marked on Mundeh.

The drastic lack of finished-ness notwithstanding, the whole thing looks ace. Imagine a bookshelf at the height of the bottom of the 'window' with two big fat sketchbooks and three hardback bound illustration books on it, pretend that chair is not there, fill colours in to the window frame, and add picture frames running in a sort of diagonal from the bottom left of this photo up past the window and finishing on the wall above the shelf, all with coloured parts of the wallpaper behind them.




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