Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Book continues apace

Sample pages from the book. All the illustrations are done now (thank god), and I decided to go with general impressions of form for the backgrounds, as they are mainly to emphasise the pale greyish-white of the Ammonites and so don't need any real level of detail.

Now all there is is for the printer to break or run out of ink, or suddenly refuse to print on parcel paper, as I have ONE WEEK LEFT.

Also I'm paranoid about the binding falling apart as the show is before the marking, so quite a few people might be handling the book before the woman who does the marking for our course gets to see it. Might be best to make two, and save the best one for the marking bit.

So tomorrow is tedious hours of cutting paper to size, printing and then hoping that the glue I use doesn't seep through the parcel paper and wreck the ink like it did on the sample I did on white paper. Then after all that, the braille. Might, possibly, get the basic bind done tomorrow, then I can work on what I actually want to do with the cover.


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