Thursday, 7 May 2009


I don't get why it is that recently when I go to do my sketches on any form of public transport I can't see anyone at all! Tres ennuyer.

The crux of this is that I ended up drawing my foot. Twenty fucking minutes and I didn't even get round to shading of any kind. Granted I probably would have been concentrating and the train would have rocked, leaving a mahoosive line across my Moleskine. Yes, I am aware it is crap, but I had stuff to say and didn't feel right saying it without some kind of artistic input.

On the plus-difficulty side of things, I finalised the story for my illustration FMP book, all nicely storyboarded (not on here because I drew them in small boxes with a really big fat marker. Also apparently the college photocopiers copy directly on to parcel paper, so I'm nicely set up for a nice flat book rather than a deliciously hand-painted, yet lumpy, panic ridden, one-chance-only book.

I fear the presentation thereof will be a shooting-in-the-foot kind of event, as our tutor wants us to present in odd ways. I was planning on a nice set of photo frames, but now I'm constructing a corner of a room, complete with wallpaper, a window, a bookshelf (for the book, logically enough), picture frames, skirting boards, ACTUAL FLOORBOARDS, and possibly a desk, because I need some kind of surface to keep sketchbooks on. ARGH.

Oh, and also, I have a poltergeist, it would appear. Stuff keeps randomly moving, I keep seeing stuff out of the corners of my eyes, and, weirdest of all, I was telling my mum off because she knocked over a pot of paint in my room, and she claimed that she had knocked it over, yet cleared it up. However, the big mark on the floor where she'd wiped it up was gone, despite the fact there were a bunch of paint-covered rags from the cleaning process.



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