Wednesday, 1 December 2010


We were asked to create a State and design stamps for it. Brilliant project. I got typically obsessive and has a nice mental jaunt back to being 12 for this one, when I maintained the worry belief (if only for a matter of weeks) that the presence of a massive number of toads in the garden every year must mean that some hideous Emperor Toad must be squatting out spawn in the hollow space under our garage, or in the many odd cavernous bits that appeared under the grass from time to time. The project was a two-weeker, which was nice, although I'm not exactly sure we needed two weeks. I used most of that time obsessing over backstory elements.

These designs were then put onto contact sheets, because, after all, a stamp has to work small. These ones are around 35mm x 37mm. I used the sewing machine, on a low stitch-length to perforate them and now they tear just like real stamps. I got overexcited by this, and firmly wish I had the money to get them turned into functional stamps.

The initial design elements were sketches, and crappy ones at that, then I took everything into photoshop, filled it out and played with the compositions.


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