Friday, 8 January 2010

Text as image brief - 'Somnambulant' concept

Basically, the brief is to alter words so they look like what they mean. Sort of a visual onomatopoeia (though I am unaware of an actual word for this), and the four words I chose, and am chugging along with, albeit not well as this feels graphics-y. Essentially I am sinking into the part of myself that is something of a soulless image-making robot rather than an illustrator. Boo.

I thought 'somnambulant' would be a good word to choose, as I am a sleepwalker myself. I was wrong. It took me ages to think of things that were relevant, and when I did, they were tough to convey as letterforms, and therefore I ended up with images with vaguely altered text in them, like so:

Then there's the bits for the word 'organic' which are going a bit better:

Colour is a bit off, I'll work that out later and re-upload. That's what I have so far. Hoorah! Or not.


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